GroupBuyTools is your gateway to all your SEO, WordPress Plugins, Themes and Design needs. Group Buy Tools is a huge GPL marketplace, You can download codes on extremely low cost without paying big bucks for extra support.

By signing up for Group Buy Tools you are also supporting the Community and our efforts. Most of the revenue goes back into buying assets for this club and also pays for monthly costs like servers and bandwidth!

It has always been our understanding, that all things in life work out for everyone, if there is a good balance. As far as scripts, plugins and themes (hereby called ‘items’) are concerned, there are 2 connected parties
Developers are people, who make their living by creating, maintaining and supporting items.
Marketplaces are companies, who make their living by distributing, marketing and quality ensuring items.


Uploaders are people, who make items available illegally, to an open public for free, or for a small income from filehosts and URL redirectors.
Nulled Warez Sites are entities, to which Uploaders can submit their illegal uploads. They are distributing, marketing and quality-ensuring uploads, in order to attract an open public, mostly with the goal of selling advertisement.
Good Balance in this case means, when items are made available illegally only sporadically i.e. from time to time. Meaning that if an item has a version of 1.0.0 and it is shared illegally, it will get free exposure and become widely known in general and to potential buyers as well. If it is then updated to 1.1.0 and this time not shared illegally, people who initially got it illegally and see the value, will buy it legally now, as they have projects and clients whom they need to serve. If the item is then updated to 2.0.0, it might actually be a good thing again, if it is shared illegally, in order to get even more free exposure.

For potential buyers, it is a good way to test-drive the items to see if they fit their needs. They will later on buy legally anyway, to get updates but also because their paying clients will be leaving or taking legal actions, if they discover they have been sold illegal copies.

Currently there are 2 problems, which are disrupting this balance:

1) Over 90% of Uploaders and/or Nulled Warez Sites are coding ‘malware’ into the items for extra criminal income. This malware will steal traffic (redirect your site’s visitors to another site) or even take over your hosting / server for data theft or to include them into botnets for DDOS attacks.
This can ruin our business, get your hosting shut down or if you own a server, this could even land you in prison.

2) Fanatically maintained or ‘Theme’ Nulled Warez Sites are a rather new phenomenon, probably sparked by the current financial crisis, leaving many people desperate for money.
Those sites will “specialize” into a certain range of items of certain Developers, Companies or Marketplaces and deliver constant updates, making it an ‘alternative’ to buying legally, as far as updates are concerned.
While those sites might still do this to distribute malware, they are a dangerous hazard to everyone, developers and end-users alike.

Those sites can cause a developer to give up on their items, as they are not making money anymore. This means no more updates and no more support and in the long run, no more items or very hard and annoying restrictions, like custom encoded scripts that need a constantly running licensing server to be available online 24/7 (not possible) or the item will stop working. In short-term: Disaster.

This project was founded as a bridge and a ‘transitional solution’ to salvage the lost balance. The purpose of Group Buy Tools, is to help you (ideally a WebMasters, Developers and SEO Professionals) to make money, without having to invest into a stock of items up-front, with money you do not (yet) have. For that, we supply a vast array of items (over $10k in retail value), that you can incorporate into your work and projects, with the goal to generate revenue and/or sell a finished product (SEO Services or Website) to your clients. Instead of having to pre-pay for items by buying them up-front from the original manufacturer, just to have them available for usage – without knowing if you will or will not actually use them or if you will or will not ever gain paying clients – you can use our vast repertoire and test, try and even finish your work and projects with them. Only if you successfully land a project and actually get paid by your client or clients i.e. if you are actually receiving money for your work, will you have to regularly purchase those items from the original manufacturer in order to get and own a legal license for your project(s).

So how is what we do here actually legal in the first place?

We will explain, using the GPL License Model, which is subject to many of our items anyway, as a reference, to explain what you are allowed to do or not to do, with Group Buy Tools items. All items on Group Buy Tools have been, if not provided and licensed to us by the authors of the items directly, legally purchased for our community, on the various marketplaces via the GPL License or Extended license(s). The fine-print of the “Extended License” allows us to generate a new product from this item, which we do by branding it.

In turn, we may offer it to you, our VIPs but to you only. This means that if you resell, redistribute our items, or even submit it to “warez / nulled” websites, this Extended License is breached and we will be held responsible in first instance for this, as we are responsible for securing our (their) assets against abuse.

The majority of our items here of course, does not originate from Envato®, however the licensing is always similar if not identical. Therefore the ‘Extended License Model’ of Envato® is a placeholder for everything else here as well, as it is applicable to 99% of our items. This means in conclusion that:

  • We are legally enabled to provide you these items
  • You may use our items on your own (!) websites
  • You may use our items on showcase sites you create for your clients, who you are creating websites for, in order to present them with your finished work for them, in order to in turn get paid by your client you may not deliver the finished website or product to your client, without purchasing a Regular  License (or Extended License) from the original manufacturer (f.e. Envato®) first you may not copy / redistribute or sell the item to anyone

That been said, we hereby inform you of the following responsibilities you have as a Group Buy Tools VIP, as well as the consequences of your actions, involving our items:

You are responsible for the items you download and that they are only used in the way they are legally enabled for If you encountered a breach of your security, meaning that the items were stolen from you by a break into your house or server (hack), a trojan or virus on your PC, lost mobile or storage device, or any other means, you have to notify us immediately and list the items that have possible been compromised. Please note that we have zero tolerance for anyone abusing this policy i.e. using it as an excuse to mask other actions.
If you fail to purchase the items i.e. the item’s license from the original manufacturer
if you are actually using it professionally i.e. make money off those items, we will terminate your VIP membership.
Should you in fact illegally redistribute or sell our items, especially on “warez / nulled” sites, we will:

  • Terminate your VIP membership without a refund
  • Report this to the the original manufacturer and supply them all data we have involving you
  • File an online complaint with the police of your origin country, also revealing all data we have involving you and informing them that you are engaging in ‘cybercrime’

We are aware that our terms and also our actions if you violate these terms, might be stricter and ‘harder’ than usual in such cases. But we have an absolute and zero (!) tolerance for abuse, because we need to protect the survival of both this community as well as the developers of the items, who need their income to pay their bills and also to be able to actually continue to support and update i.e. continue the development of the items. Besides that, we have a vast interest to protect our reputation to ensure that the original manufacturers of the items will continue to work with us. Therefore we cannot tolerate any behavior, that would jeopardize the integrity of our values or cause financial damage to the people or companies we work with.